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How to Order

Original and print watercolor, oil, pen and ink and acrylic paintings framed and matted. The frames are custom made. The framed paintings on this page were framed by me in a wood shop using superb quality wood and framing products. Frames in this gallery are constructed from cherry, cypress or pine. The mats with the watercolor painting frames are acid free.

framed flower art

"Framed flower art Indian Blanket" SOLD Huge 24 x 30 inches framed flower art print limited edition print framed flower modern fine art painting, the painting itself is 18 x 24 inches with a warm yellow 2 inch mat and a silver frame, beautiful still life 300 dollars.

framed nautical art

"Framed nautical art Georgetown SC Lighthouse" South Carolina Lighthouse nautical art Large 26 X 32 Inches original framed beach lighthouse seascape watercolor painting. The painting itself is 18 x 24 inches, solid cherry wood custom frame with off white with light pink tint mat. 900 dollars

framed seascape watercolor painting

"Sailing" 16 x 20 framed original watercolor seascape maritime nautical painting of a sailboat on the beach. This frame is a definite one of a kind custom made from a very old fence on a farm in southern GA. The painting itself is 11 x 15 inches with a 3 inch mat and a 4 inch wide frame this artwork measures 25 x 39 inches, 700 dollars

framed seascape painting

"Framed seascape painting Dunes 3" SOLD. Original framed seascape sand dunes beach watercolor painting 28 x 34 inch large artwork, painting measures 18 x 24 with a 2 inch mat and black frame. 600 dollars

framed mountains landscape oil painting

"European Mountains" 16 x 20 oil painting, with framed 20 x 24 inches original oil mountain European Landscape painting. This frame is a definite one of a kind custom made.300 dollars

framed oil painting

"Framed oil painting House in Snow" Original framed landscape snow winter oil framed painting SOLD. 16 X 20 painting, with framed 20 x 24 inches

framed house painting

"The House" 22 x 24 framed pen and ink drawing limited print, image is 10 x 14. 200 dollars

framed flowers watercolor painting

"Field of Flowers" Original framed flower watercolor painting 200 dollars.

framed country barn pen and ink drawing

"Country Barn" 22 x 24 framed pen and ink drawing and watercolor painting mixed media, limited edition print 160 dollars, cherry wood. 24 x 30 inches frame.

framed abstract landscape watercolor painting

"Chills" SOLD. Original framed landscape modern fine art watercolor painting 250 dollars. 11 x 15 painting with a 18 x 22 frame

oil painting

"Oil Painting Lighthouse" 16 x 20 oil painting, white frame, framed size 19 x 23 inches. SOLD

framed folk art

"Framed folk art Red Barn" FRAMED WORK SOLD--only available as a fine art print. ORIGINAL SOLD. This original is also available in the barn gallery as a limited edition print of only 10 total signed and numbered prints.

framed still life art"Framed still life art Fall" 11 x 15 original watercolor painting framed still life art with a double mat and an oak frame. The framed size is 21 x 25 and one mat is tan and the other is white. 229 dollars. This original watercolor painting is also available as a limited edition print in the newest art gallery.

framed folk art print

"Framed folk art print Old House" 11 x 15 FRAMED WORK SOLD--only available as a fine art print.

framed print

"Framed print The Barn" 11 x 15 framed print limited edition signed and numbered print framed in a 16 x 20 frame with a mat. SOLD

oil landscape painting

"Oil landscape painting Winter Day" 16 x 20 original oil landscape painting framed in a 20 x 24 frame 179 dollars. Framed oil painting painted with the wet on wet technique.

framed beach seascape large watercolor painting

"Waves" Huge 28 x 40 inches original framed lighthouse nautical painting, the painting itself is 22 x 32 inches, beautiful 1100 dollars.


I prefer PayPal, the #1 payment service in online auctions!
If you wish to order watercolor paintings or limited edition prints
you can pay by paypal to my email address at
dereklovessheila@yahoo.com by logging into www.paypal.com
to pay anyone directly from your bank account or credit card.
Copyright to Derek D.McCrea, all rights reserved including
reproduction on sold work.