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Biography of Derek McCrea
My main gallery site is at
My first experience with art was in 1982 attending weekly art classes at night with my mother that continued throughout the 1980s with established instructors such as Jimmy Peterson. As a family we participated in several art exhibits and events in Georgia during the summer each year. In 1987 I joined the U.S. Army and served for 24 years in locations across the Continental United States and Europe. During my military tours I was inspired by the vast differences in landscape and nature throughout the world and felt compelled to capture that emotion in art. I continued self study, painted mostly in plein air with oils, and remained active in art galleries and the scene wherever I served as a Soldier. I fell in love with watercolors in 2001 when my wife purchased me a set for my birthday. I was amazed at how it was almost impossible to replicate the fluid nature of the medium, as working wet on wet the paint has a mind of it's own. I consider my work both whimsical, impressionistic, and sometimes realistic. Since 2010 I have continued to paint whenever I have time and feel like it provides a necessary balance to my life. My art can be found in galleries throughout the Southeastern United States, in private collections worldwide, and in many publications. My main focus lately has been on around 20 commissions per year from customer photos and my mid-term goal is to further branch out into licensing my artwork.

Artists Statement
"Art adds a balance to my life. I am compelled by nature to emulate it's beauty through creation. When I am at my easel nothing else matters except the moment when I escape into the painting. When a work is going well I am filled with a sense of peace and I naturally apply with brush strokes to a magnificent completion."

Derek is a member of the following societies:

Phenix City AL Artists Guild
Columbus Artists Guild
Southern Rivers Guild, GA
North Carolina Watercolor Society
Fayetteville Arts Council
Plein Air Florida - Space Coast Plein Air Painters
Plein Air Georgia

Derek's works were published in the following:

El Portal Journal, Fall 2018
Balloons Lit Journal, Volume 8, 2018
Indiana Voice Journal, May/June 2018 Issue
Harvests of New Millennium, Volume 10, Number 1, 2018
ADTRAN Charitable Foundation Cookbook Cover Art, 2018
De Luna Coffee T-Cup Art, 2017
Dual Coast Magazine, Issue 3, 2016
Harvests of the New Millennium, Issue 9, 2016
Destin Beach Art cover of White Sands Coffee, De Luna Coffee Company, 2015
Birmingham Arts Journal, Volume 11, Issue 2, 2014
Trinity University Department of Philosophy in San Antonio, TX, Annual Philosophy Alumni Newsletter 2013-2014
Milwaukee Art Museum Garden Club Yearbook Cover 2012-2013
Harvests of the New Millenium, Volume 5, Jan 2012
The Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Oct 2011 and March 2012
Chemistry and Art, Binders Chapter, Text Book by Christine Jaworek-Lopes, Jan 2012
Turnquist Partners, Postcard, Beach Houses, 2011
Cover Art, Spirit Seeker Magazine, Aug 2011
Cover Art, Savannah River Boat Promotional Materials, 2011
Birmingham Arts Journal, Volume 7, Issue 4, 2011
Harvests of the New Millenium, Volume 4, 2011
Cover Art, Artsy's Savannah GA, Promotional Materials, 2011
International Dictionary of Artists, 2011, World Wide Art Books
News and Documentary Award Emmy's Promotional Materials - 2010
London Natural History Museum Project - 2010
Phylo Trading Card Game - 2 images - 2010
Cover Art - Live With Wings, Food for the Body, Food for the Soul - Ruth Baird Shaw June 2010
Cover Art - 12th Annual Nashville TN Screenwriter's Conference - Feb 2010
Bee Paper Cover Art Landscape Sketch Book - 2010-2011
Harvests of New Millenium - India - Annual Publication, Jan 2010
"Magnolia" flyer for Steel Magnolias play production - APR 2010, Little Egg Harbor Theatre Co.
Cover Art "Peaches" for GA Dept of Agriculture Directory 2009 and Annual GA Made GA Grown National Gala
Cover Art (3 Daisies) - PEO, Chapter HP, Hutchinson KS Yearbook, 2009
Adcetera (Nautical Art) - Article - Summer 2009
The Bayonet, Ft Benning GA Newspaper July 2009
Playground Magazine, Columbus, GA June 2009
Glassfire Magazine - Pegleg Publishing 2009
Decor Magazine - May 2009
Genesis Magazine - Atlanta - Featured Artist - Fall 2009
Bravado - Australia - Issue 8 - 2009
Aroostook Review - Summer 2009
Healing Muse - Volume 9 - 2009
63 Channels - Spring 2009 - Cover Art
The North Shoreian - Volume 2 - Issue 2, March 2009
The Delinquent - Issue 8 and 9- 2009
Media Cake Magazine - Winter 2009
Heartland Review - Winter 2009
Read This Magazine (UK issue 15) 2009
Quercus Review - Issue 9, 2009
Birmingham Alabama Arts Journal 2009
Monongahela Review 2009 - Issue 3
Distillery magazine, Motlow State College, Tennessee JAN 09 and JULY 09
The Big Book of Contemporary Illustration, Anova Books, Chapter 2, 2009
Cerulean Rain Issue #3, 2008
Eccentric Pets Magazine, 2nd issue, OCT 2008
Pens on Fire, OCT 08
Lorelei “Twenty-Two” Short Story Illustrations by Sarah Ashwood Oct 2008
Art Space, Issue 1, July 2008, Cover Art and Featured Artist
Seminole Florida Womens News, July 2008
Art World Project Charity Conglomerate, Europe, 2008
Watercolour Gazette, Issue 16, Nov/Dec 2007, Magazine Published in Canada
ATC Quarterly, Issue 8, Winter 2007, Art Trading Cards Magazine Published in Canada
Watercolour Gazette, Sept/Oct 2007, Issue 15, Magazine Published in Canada
The Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, October 2007, Volume 3, Issue 2
The Artists Bluebook, 2005, Inc. - Dunbier, Lonnie Pierson (Editor, 479 pages)
The Eclipse, Poetry about Art, USA, 2002
LIA, Life is Art Magazine, USA, Aug 02
Lighthouse Magazine, United Kingdom (June 04)
Skyline Magazine (May 04)
Shadow Poetry Quill (March 04)
New Works Review 3 issues (March 04, July 07, and Oct 07)
Ken Again Literary Magazine 4 issues (May 2002, Winter 2003, Fall 2005, and Fall 2007)
Painted Poetry - Poetry about Art (2002)
Voices (Spring 2002)
Perpetual Magazine, Featured Artist, March 2008
Earth Stories, Pachamama Press, Volume 3, Issue 2 (Summer 2004)
Contributing author, TOC in Combat, Infantry Magazine, 2003
Contributing author, Prepare a Mechanized Infantry Task Force for Combat, Infantry Magazine, 2004
Decorating a Room Around a Piece of Art - (Article) by Rhonda Morin, The Decorating Bible

Derek has won the following awards and recognition

2017 Artist Licensing - Art Wall (Wal-Mart, BHG, Rachel Ray)
2017 "Croton" Selected for Pepper's Resorts in Queensland and Kingscliff, Australia
2015 Fiber Art Wall Hanging Dedication in Charlevoix Library, Michigan
2014 "Hen" selected as the art logo for a new company called "Henny Penny Soap"
2013 "Tropical Fish" selected for 309 - 18 x 18 prints for resort rooms at Cape Caribe, Ron Jon Resort, FL
2010 Marker Supply Tradeshow - Derek's art created with selected products
Winner - Purchase Award, Winterfest 2009, River Center, Columbus Ga
Winner of the 2009 Lukas Paints Art Contest
Arts on the River Columbus GA, 2009 - 3rd Place
Commissioned to paint a magnolia flower watercolor for the US Secretary of State Colin Powell's wife - 2009
2 works selected for poster for Major Nationwide Art Colleges to join Artistful - OCT 08
Represented Artist - Pet Fashion Show - NYC OCT 08
"Magnolia" selected for 2008 Moonlight and Magnolias Ball
"Water Lily" selected for Water Lily Shop design shop 2008
Winner for 1st Issue Cover Art, Art Space, 2008
The Gallery Grand Champion 2007, No. 1 Artist Online
Digital Consciousness Digital Color Artist of the Month OCT 2007
Digital Bits Artist of the Month AUG 07
1st Place GA Arts Exhibition - 1985
Artist of the Week in August 2001 for Art Gallery Online

Current Galleries and Past Exhibits Include:

Artsy's Savannah GA River Street
Pine Mountain Loft and Gallery
Front Porch Gallery, Columbus, GA

Annual Art Exhibit in Pine Mountain, GA, Horses and Carriages Restaurant.
Artsy's Savannah GA River Street
Pine Mountain Loft and Gallery
Front Porch Gallery, Columbus, GA

Broadway Market Days, every Saturday May-Oct 11, Columbus, GA
Florence Marina Festival by the Lake
Artsy's Savannah GA River Street
Pine Mountain Loft and Gallery
Front Porch Gallery, Columbus, GA
The Shoppes on Madison, Douglas, GA

Arts on the River, 2010
Front Porch Gallery, 2010
Georgia National Fair Juried Art Exhibit 2010
Avondale Arts Alliance Exhibit, Atlanta Georgia 2010
Annual Block Party, Springer Opera House
New Jersey Lighthouse Society Gift Shop
Catawampus Gallery, Opelika, AL, Fishwerks Exhibition
Springer Opera House, Columbus, GA, Featured Artist
Callaway Gardens, GA, Southern Rivers Guild Art Exhibition, MAY-OCT 2010
Auburn, AL CityFest 2010
Annual Arts in Reese Park, Americus, GA 2010
Cumming, GA FUMC Festival of Arts 2010
Georgia Art League - Spring Salon 2010
Art on Broadway, Columbus, GA 2010
Arts in the Park, Columbus, GA 2010
Warm Springs Spring Fling 2010
Royal Art Collection's 2010 Dubai Art Project
Ocean World Aquarium, Denver, CO, 2010

Savannah Art Works Gallery, 2009
Pine Mountain Loft and Gallery, 2009
Boots on Broadway, 2009, Columbus, GA
Arts on the River, Columbus, GA, OCT 2009
GA National Art Exhibition, Perry, Sept-OCT 2009
Winterfest at the River Center for Performing Arts, DEC 2009, Columbus, GA
Columbus Artist's Guild Member Exhibition SEPT 2009
Front Porch Gallery - Columbus, GA 2009
Two Sisters Gallery - Columbus, GA - 2009
Lola's Boutique - Alpharetta, GA - 2009
National Infantry Museum Gift Shop
Galleria Riverside, Columbus, GA July-September 2009
Exhibit for PAWS Charity, Dog Days of Summer, Joseph House Gallery 2009
Buckheads Bar and Grill - Columbus GA - 2009
Joseph House Art Gallery, Columbus Georgia, Juried Member
Brown Art Gallery - Atlanta Georgia - Solo Exhibition June 5 - July 17, 2009
Arts in the Park - Columbus, GA June 7, 2009

Artsy's Gallery On River Street, Savannah GA 2007-2009
The Shoppes on Madison, Douglas GA 2007-2009
New York in Columbus GA Christmas Gala Dec 2008
S & K Distributors Art Trade Show 2007-2008
Veteran's Park Art Show Dec 2008, Florida
NYC Pet Fashion Show OCT 2008

Just What I Like Gallery, Lawrenceville, GA 2001-2004
Market Square Gallery, Varnville, SC 2001-2003
Digital Design Gallery, Fayetteville, NC 2001
Chateau Elan Vineyard OCT 2002
Bzzzzz Expressions Douglas GA 2001-2007
South GA Art Fair 2001
North Carolina First Fridays 1998-2001
South Georgia Art Fair, 2001
Numerous GA exhibits 1984-1987

Derek's Monthly Newsletters are below, click on link to view the newsletters:

Derek McCrea November 2007 Artist Newsletter.doc
Derek McCrea December 2007 Artist Newsletter.doc
Derek McCrea January 2008 Artist Newsletter.doc
Derek McCrea February 2008 Artist Newsletter.doc
Derek McCrea March 2008 Artist Newsletter.doc
Derek McCrea April 2008 Artist Newsletter.doc
Derek McCrea May 2008 Artist Newsletter.doc
Derek McCrea June 2008 Artist Newsletter.doc
Derek McCrea July 2008 Artist Newsletter.doc
Derek McCrea August 08 Artist Newsletter.pdf
Derek McCrea Sept 08 Art Newsletter.pdf
Derek McCrea October 2008 Artist Newsletter.pdf
Derek McCrea December 2008 Artist Newsletter.pdf
Derek McCrea March 2009 Artist Newsletter.pdf
Derek McCrea April 2009 Artist Newsletter.pdf
Derek McCrea June 2009 Artist Newsletter
Derek McCrea July 2009 Artist Newsletter

Landscape oil painting. Arts on the River, 3rd place, Columbus GA 2009.